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We are dedicated to helping out new and upcoming tattoo artist like yourself. The focus is on not only the wonderful and beautiful world of art, and what it entails, but also the RIGHT steps to become a great tattoo artist.

The goal of this website is to give you fantastic information, tips and articles on the subject of tattooing.

Learning how to tattoo can be a tedious process. Most tattoo artist shun the idea of gaining knowledge through books, videos and more. But we disagree to a point. There is nothing wrong with gaining basic knowledge of tattooing through these sources. What is wrong is going out and tattooing without the right experience and instruction. With that being said, we DO NOT advocate home “scratching”.

We want to give you fantastic information that will give you a solid working knowledge of learning how to tattoo, what to do, what not to do, useful resources and articles, products we recommend and much more!

Simply choose which area you want to research and read about below. It is recommended if you are looking to become a tattoo artist, that you do it the right way. Begin by getting your hands on all types of printed information you can first. Elite Tattoo Pro is an excellent starting point. Then, follow that up by watching tattoo videos. During all of this time, work on building your portfolio, and start to learn how you can land a proper apprenticeship.

How To Tattoo Guides

So are you ready to dive into the knowledge of tattoo artists and learn how to tattoo?

The first step is proper knowledge. This means the basics of tattooing, including proper safety, learning about tattoo machines, inks, needles, and more. The more you know, the better you will become. Having solid background information will make your road to becoming a tattoo artist that much easier. We have covered only the best guides we think can help you on this page.

Tattooing Videos

Once you have become familiar with tattooing, and have read through many of the great guides on the subject, the next step is to actually watch the methods of proper tattooing. Don’t rely on videos that you see on places like YouTube. There are just too many videos there that give away bad information on the subject. We have picked out some of the best tattoo videos we think can help you the most here.


Tattooing Course

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Tattoo Flash Resources

As you may have now realized, there are tons of resources for tattoo flash. Some are better than others. Also, some are more expensive as well. In this section we will cover some really great resources for tattoo flash for a beginner. You can use these for real tattooing, or merely for practice. The choice is yours. Read more about these resources on this page.

Tattoo Equipment/Suppliers

When it comes to tattoo equipment, you should be highly selective. There are all kinds of suppliers, based in all parts of the world. In many cases, you will get what you pay for. In this section of the website, we will go over many of the suppliers we recommend. These are some of the “cream of the crop” as far as tattoo equipment suppliers go. Read more here.

Tattoo Inks

Are you hunting for that special ink, with special qualities of vibrant color that lasts? There are many inks on the market, but in this section we will list out some of the best we think you will love! These inks not only last, but they look great and they take to the skin really well. Read more here.

Tattoo Magazines/Publications

In this section we go over many of the various trade publications in the tattoo market. As the tattoo industry continues to grow, so does the different publications worldwide. And many of them are really excellent to not only look at, but to get a tap on the current tattoo market. Read more here.

Tattoo Dating

Are you a lover of tattoos, and single? Would you like to find a mate who also loves everything tattoos? Luckily, with the power of the Internet, there are a few new websites that now cater to people just like yourself. And the numbers of singles visiting these sites is booming! Check them out here.



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